What to see in Prague

When we begin to read the Prague guide, we realized that we would have to make a selection of the things that we wanted to visit and which not; as it would be four days, and the city offers many things to see and do. Maybe if you are planning now your trip to the city of a hundred spires, this post can help. Read more

Discovering Prague

As surely everyone knows, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the cities that make up the famous triangle traveler to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. It is also known as the city of a hundred towers and taking advantage of that a few friends were doing the famous triangle Prague – Vienna – Budapest we decided to meet them and spend a long weekend in Praha. Read more

The Prague Castle

If only you were in the city for a few hours and you could only see one thing of all that there is to see in Prague, surely you'd end up going to visit the castle. A choice very powerful because in a few hours you will learn a lot about the city and enjoy much beauty concentrated. Read more

The best and most useful tips to see what is necessary in Prague

When planning your sightseeing tour of Prague, a city declared Heritage of the Humanity by the Unesco, there are several aspects that you have to take into account. Read more

Travel Tourist Maps of Prague Czech Republic